15% Of All Profits Go To The Alzheimer's Association

Buy with confidence: What Our Fellow DECies Are Saying About DECSwag:

  • I have been looking to replace some of my DECswag for some time now… When I found Jack’s site I was ecstatic.. I quickly bought a few items and I’m a very happy camper.. The prices are great AND the quality of the products are outstanding!! 

    Joe Craparotta - FL, USA - 18yrs 

  • “Easy, great way to bring back good memories”.  Website was easy to use to select and order items. All items were received just as described.

    Rocky Bullock - TX 1985-1994 Littleton, Austin and 'The Mill'

  • Great items and service.  I love being able to add to my collection of Digital SWAG that I have collected over the years.  It was a great time!

    Rick Brimer - Texas, USA -13 years

  • I was excited to see DECSwag up and running. DECSwag allows me to display my pride of association with the fine company we built and the people we worked with.

    William C Sergeant, Jr. - Massachusetts At DEC: 12-84 Left HP in '06

  • I bought a coffee mug and it was a great quality mug and great logo – lots of memories of my 18 years there.

    Paul W Shaneck AZ/USA At DEC from 1976 to 1994

  • A fellow DEC alum pointed this site out to me.  I ordered some mugs and a hat.  Easy order process.  Jack was responsive and everything just arrived last week, maybe a week or so from the ordering.  The nostalgia is great.  The products are great.  This is just an awesome idea.  Thanks for putting the work into setting this all up!”

    John Virgona DEC 88-93 HLO1/HLO2 (Hudson MA)

  • “We purchased a number tee-shirts, and they are favored in our rotating order of tees to wear.
    Our next order will be for a second round of tees… comfy, quality, and speak of our pride of having worked for the greatest guy in the corporate world, Ken Olsen, and of being PROUD DEcies.”

    Bob Ainsley and Marina Silliker, DEC, Dallas ACT

  • Bought tee shirt and polo with the old traditional logo!  Love them!I Feel so blessed to have been part of this great company.  Ken used to come to Indy quite a bit as his daughter and son-in-law lived in Indiana! It feels good to know that a portion of the profits go to the Alzheimer’s Association also.

    Peggy Smith Begala - Indianapolis, Indiana 18 years. 1983-2001

  • I found the DEC Swag website easy to use.  I found the products I was interested in purchasing.  All purchases were delivered within a week.

    Patrick Ahearn - New Jersey - 17 Years at DEC, 2 Yrs. FA&T Westminster, 15 years in Filed Service, Philadelphia

All Items By Category: Please note - double check your phone model, shirt color and size, etc. since these are printed on demand and cannot be returned in the event of an error in ordering.

15% of all profits go to supporting The Alzheimer's Association. $400 donated to date!