Bring Your Online Courses and Meetings To The Next Level!

I do a lot of teaching and meeting online...a lot! I figure, if I'm going to do it, let me do it right with a high production value.

The software components of my setup include:

  • Zoom - I pay an annual fee which increases the length of meetings beyond the 45 minute free version (;

  • OBS (Open Broadcast Studio), an open source, free studio in which I create various scenes using various cameras (Main shot of me, a splash screen to open meetings with, a top-down shot of a desktop whiteboard for...wait for it...writing on a real whiteboard with real erasable markers, etc. (

  • TouchPortal, an open source, inexpensive touch button display that runs on an inexpensive android tablet and allows me to control the above-mentioned scenes with a touch of a button...completely customizable. (
  • Hardware: This is my hardware inventory should you decide to purchase any of the items I use. Note: I may make an affiliate commission on some of these.

    If you'd like to set up a one-on-one session to discuss this setup in detail, please contact me at and we can discuss your needs and pricing for a set-up session.

    High Quality, Inexpensive Webcams (Multiple)

    Microphone - High Quality, Low Cost

    USB Hub To Attach Multiple Cameras/Peripherals

    Lights For High Quality Video Streaming

    Android Tablet For TouchPortal Control Center

    Wide-Screen, Curved Monitor

    Desktop Whiteboard